Getting started with Forms

Here’s how to create your first web sign-up form to allow contacts to subscribe to your TextSpot groups.

Use forms on your website to allow people to add themselves as contacts to your TextSpot groups.

Select “Forms” on the left side of the TextSpot app under “Apps.”
If you have not created a form, select "New Form"

Fill out the form details, including the "Form name" (which is not used publicly) and the group that contacts will be added to when they subscribe through your form (your group name will be public).

Below this section you will see a preview of your form and then a field to edit your "Confirmation text" which is what will be shown to your contacts after they have submitted the form.

Select "New Form" at the bottom to create your form.
You will be redirected to the Forms page where you can get the code to embed your sign up form on a website.

You can either get an iframe of the entire form or a link to embed which will show the form after selecting the button.

Additional Notes:
You can edit, preview, or delete a form by selecting the "Actions" icon on the Forms page:

You can create as many forms as you would like.
You must have a group created to add the contacts that subscribe to your form before creating the form.
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