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Getting started with Inbox

Getting started with Inbox

Here’s how to use the Inbox feature of TextSpot.

The Inbox feature allows you to use the 2-way text messaging functionality. With Inbox, you can receive replies to text messages you send from TextSpot.

Select “Inbox” on the left side of the TextSpot app under “Messages.”
You will see recent replies that you have received from individual contacts.
You can select conversations from individual contacts:

Like other messaging apps you may be used to, you can have direct one-on-one conversations with your contacts and even schedule your replies for later.

What Else to Know About Inbox

List messages will be indicated with a purple message bubble. A purple message bubble in an individual contact conversation indicates that the message was sent to multiple contacts in a particular list. In the example below, the blue messages were sent from a TextSpot account directly to the contact Erica Mason. The purple message was sent to a list that Erica belongs to named “Loyal Customers” (indicated right above the purple message bubble). This means that other contacts in that list received the same purple message as Erica. Erica’s reply is in gray.

When a contact replies to a message that you sent to a list, the reply will only show up in that individual contact’s conversation (like the image shows above). Viewing the recent list conversations will only show the list messages that you have sent from TextSpot, not replies from your contacts.

Thats it. Enjoy sending and receiving text messages with TextSpot!

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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