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Getting started with variables

Getting started with variables

Variables allow you to insert data like your contacts' first name into your messages.

Here's how to insert and use a variable (also commonly referred to as a custom field):

Compose a new message.
At the bottom of any new message, select the “Add Variable” button.
A popup will appear for you to select from your available variables such as your contact’s “First Name.”
Select the variable and set a default value if you would like. (Default values are used when a contact does not have a value for the selected field).
Select “Add Variable” once more and the variable will be inserted into your message.

That’s it. You can now personalize mass text messages to your contacts with ease!

A few notes:

You’ll see a preview of your variable inside the phone to the right. The variable will be highlighted in a darker shade of blue to indicate it is a variable.
You can easily copy/paste the variable code to move it around in your message, or simply enter your variable code into the message field at any time.

Updated on: 01/02/2023

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