How to import contacts to a group

Here’s how to import contacts to a group using the TextSpot SMS software:

Go to “Groups” on the left side of the TextSpot.
Select the group you would like to import contacts to.
Select “Import Contacts to Group” at the top right (you can also individually select contacts, one at a time).
A pop up window will appear with directions, including a link to a sample CSV file. The imported file must be a valid CSV or Excel file containing at least one column of phone number values. The second and third columns may be first and last names, respectively.

The header columns must be the exact same as in the image below:

Once you have a file with your contacts you can select “Select a file to import” to select the file from your computer.
Then select “Import File.”

Any errors will be outlined.

Imports are limited to 5,000 contacts at a time.

Only CSV or Excel files are accepted.

That’s it. You’ve just imported new contacts to your TextSpot group!
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