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How to upgrade your account

How to upgrade your account

Here’s how to upgrade or downgrade your TextSpot plan.

Upgrade Account allows you to:
Upgrade your plan to include more monthly message credits.
Downgrade your plan to include less monthly message credits.

All plans allow you to go over your monthly credit limit at an additional charge that is attached to your next invoice. For current message credit pricing, visit our pricing page.

In the TextSpot application, go to the top right and select "My Account"
A dropdown menu will show you a "Upgrade Account" option. Select this option.
Select the new plan you would like to upgrade or downgrade to and then select "Review Plan Change."
The invoice preview will show you your new monthly plan cost, which is prorated based on unused credits for your current billing cycle. When you are ready to upgrade, select "Confirm Account Upgrade."

Confirming your account upgrade will reset your billing cycle to the date you upgrade.

That’s it. You have successfully upgraded or downgraded your account.

Updated on: 30/11/2022

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