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What are message statuses?

What are message statuses?

Learn more about the status of the messages you send from TextSpot.

In the "Sent" page of TextSpot you will see a column in the table labeled "Status."

Statuses indicate the current state of individual messages that you have attempted to send through TextSpot. These messages are provided to us through our telecom service and the wireless carriers (Verizon, ATT, T-Mobile, etc) of the phone numbers you are sending messages to.

There are 5 different statuses:

Attempt Rejected

If you hover over the colored status circle and leave your cursor, a tooltip will display a short message about the status. The messages are below with some explanations in parentheses ( ).

Delivered: Delivery was confirmed by the carrier.
Sent: Message was sent, but the carrier has not confirmed delivery. (Some carriers do not confirm delivery so some of your messages could always be "Sent.")
Pending: Your message is queued for sending.
Attempt Rejected: (This message will depend on the reason. Some reasons are "Contact opted out" or "Not a mobile number")
Error/Failed: (This message will be a response from the wireless carrier.)


An undelivered status can happen for several different reasons including carrier content filtering or the availability of the destination phone.

Updated on: 24/07/2023

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