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What is Toll-Free Verification?

What is Toll-Free Verification?

Toll-Free Verification is the process of submitting your organization's information and use case for sending messages from an application like TextSpot to wireless carriers in order to have your toll-free TextSpot phone number trusted by wireless carriers.

Telecommunication carriers (Verizon, ATT, etc.) are now requiring phone numbers that send messages from applications, like TextSpot, to be verified in order to prevent spam, fraud, and so they know who is sending messages across their networks.

TextSpot handles the collection and submission of the toll-free verification forms to help you get verified so you can send messages without any limits or interruptions.

Toll-Free Phone Number Message Limits

Unverified: Have a maximum message segment limit of up to 500 daily / 1,000 weekly / 2,000 monthly.
Pending Verification: Once your application is submitted and you are pending verification your maximum message segment limits increase to 2,000 daily / 6,000 weekly / 10,000 monthly.
Verified: If your organization gets Toll-Free Verification status you will have no limits on the number of message segments you send. You will have a throughput speed of 3 message segments per second.

Updated on: 21/05/2023

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